Without leads, some of our student’s favorite programs will be cut next year.  We are currently seeking three individuals to run the Art in Action program.  If you are interested in one or more of the following roles, please email

Primary contact person between volunteers, teachers, Art in Action, Home and School Club, and Katie Berg (STEAM lead). Your main job is to get the program up and running at the beginning of the school year, and to maintain communication throughout the year. This includes managing the content (list of lessons) for the yearn, getting volunteers signed up for training, as well as hold orientation meetings to introduce them to the program.  

Art Supplies Coordinator:
Your main job is to take inventory and order/purchase all the art supplies needed for the school year. Also, you are to maintain the art portion of the STEAM lab - tidy up when necessary and keep an eye on the supplies (do things need to be cleaned and/or replaced, etc.). You should check in the STEAM lab at least once a week. 

Art Curator:
Your main job is to mount and display art in the library and the STEAM lab (and maybe other places too) on a rotating basis (change art about every 2 months). Coordinate with teachers on when to display their class' art.
Coordinate with librarian good times to hang art (you use a stapler). You are also in charge of the yearly art show at Open House (in May).

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The Payne Home & School Club (H&SC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by parent volunteers. 

Our primary goal is to create a community of caring and involved adults to nurture a positive learning environment for our children.  Our secondary goal is to raise funds in order to enrich the education of all our children.


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