We are all volunteers!


Miwa Yamamoto, President                           maywa76@aol.com

Welcome to Payne H&SC! I am this year’s president and mom of 3rd and 6th grade girls; I am pleased to say our school is great because of all the Panthers in the past and the present. Yes, you are all a part of what makes Payne School so special and unique. Please find me if you have any concerns. Our dream is to have ‘Happy’  Panthers.

Sara Ditzler, Co-Vice President                   smditzler@gmail.com

Payne Elementary is a wonderful community and I feel very blessed to be a part of that. I have three daughters, ages 13, 10, and 5.There are so many fun family events throughout the year, I look forward to seeing you all at them.

Beena Kumar, Co-Vice President                  bbeena@gmail.com

I would love to take this opportunity to welcome you all to fun and engaging community of Payne Elementary school. I am a mom of two Payne panthers, a 3rd Grader and a 7th Grader. Please feel free to ask how you could help make your child's experience more rewarding at school.

Auditor                                                                                   Open

Madhavi Siddabathuni, Co-Secretary       madhavi9@gmail.com

Welcome back dear Panthers and hope you had a great vacation! Hearty welcome to our new Panthers. This is my second year on board as a co-secretary. I have twin kids in 3rd grade. H & SC is here to provide wholesome development of our Panthers through various fun and community building events. Looking forward to your presence and support in our upcoming events. Let us together make some great memories.

Sun Lee, Co-Secretary                                     lsy1116@gmail.com

I'm very excited for this coming year because this is my first year on H&SC Board. My son is a 1st grader this year. Last year, I had volunteered for some school events that gave me an insight into what's happening in my Child's school. I believe that joining H&SC will make Payne experience wonderful for you and your kids. I'm looking forward to making new friends!

Vicky Weichi Tao, Co-Treasurer               vviki2006@yahoo.com

Hi, this is my first year on the Payne Home School Club Board. I have a 6th grade son and a 3rd grade daughter. I am excited for this coming year and can't wait to meet new families and friends.

Cindy Yeh, Co-Treasurer                               sinyiyeh@gmail.com

Hi, this is my first year on the Payne Home and School Club Board. I have a daughter in 4th grade this year. I'm really excited to meet new families and friends!!