We are all volunteers!



Sarah Ditzler, President

Payne is a wonderful community that I feel very blessed to be a part of. I have three daughters, ages 14, 11 and 6. My older girls both loved being Payne Panthers and have many fond memories from elementary school. There are so many fun family events throughout the year, I look forward to seeing you at all of them.

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Madhavi Siddabathuni,

Co-Vice President

Welcome back dear Panthers and I hope you had a great vacation! I have twin kids in 4th grade. H&SC is here to provide wholesome development of our Panthers through various fun and community building events. Looking forward to your presence and support in our upcoming events. Let us together make some great memories.


Alicia Paquette,
Co-Vice President

Our family is thrilled to be here for our second year at Payne Elementary. My son is in first grade and we have a new baby boy joining the family in September. We couldn't be happier with the amazing staff, students and community at Payne.


Sun Lee,

Hi Payne families, welcome to Payne Elementary, a great community. I can say that you'll love this school with so many warm and friendly families. I have one 2nd grader boy and this is my second year as an H&SC member. I hope you enjoy this school year, which is packed with a lot of fun events. I am looking forward to meeting you all.


Christine Chun,

Welcome to Payne Elementary School, where we take pride in building ties between family, school and community. One of the things I love most about this school is its cultural diversity and friendly atmosphere. There is so much to share and learn from one another. I am delighted to be a part of this fun and exciting community where we each strive to be the BEST that we can be! I have a 5 year old son who will be starting Kindergarten this year. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Cindy Yeh,


I am excited to be a part of Payne H&SC, volunteering my time for the many children who attend this super school. I have a daughter Sophia in fifth grade.

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Susan Bishop,

I am excited about the opportunity to be more involved with Payne School. I have two fifth graders and one third grader attending Payne this year and I actually attended Payne many years ago. My goal is to provide all students with as many rewarding experiences as possible. We welcome your ideas and your help. Looking forward to a great new school year.


Pauline Peng,

We are glad to be a part of Payne Elementary School. We moved to Campbell last year and found its a lovely school from day one. My daughter is now a first grader and we are all ready to have a whole new wonderful year. You are most welcome to join us! Let's have fun and grow up together!


Kiko Ware,
Scrip Treasurer

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Runa Chatterjee,