Most of us are not artists. We are here because we have a love for art and a passion for sharing it with students. Keys to success as an art docent include being enthusiastic, encouraging, non-judgmental, and always willing to try something new. And, being well prepared! Art is extremely important for our students. It gives them a chance to be open-minded and away from the usual limits of the classroom. Art allows students to use their creativity and imagination. It also helps to develop a sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

Please note that you are committing yourself to the whole school year (barring illness, etc.). If you don’t show up, or you are late, your child’s whole class suffers. Unless arranged ahead of time, you are expected to teach all of the lessons throughout the year.

Coordinator:  Lesley Kirkendall, lesibly@gmail.com, 408-309-4667

Access to the online lessons:  http://teach.artinaction.org        Username:  payneART@gmail.com           Password:  3750gleason


What is Art in Action?

Art in Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated since 1982 to bringing visual arts education to the classroom. Art in Action fosters the educational development and creativity of children across America through innovative visual arts programs and communities. We believe that a quality art education is critical for every student’s preparation for success in the 21st century, and we actively assist schools in implementing a comprehensive, standards-based visual art program.

The Art in Action Program enriches the lives of thousands of students each year in public and private schools and after school enrichment programs through an engaging, hands-on curriculum that teaches art history, art appreciation, and art techniques.

Through the training and support of educators and volunteers, Art in Action seeks to make visual art an integral part of every student’s education.



Training: http://artinaction.org/training/
Please sign-up for training ASAP. There are a limited number of classes.

And, allow an hour + to get to Menlo Park if you are not

Training Webinar: http://teach.artinaction.org/documentation/training/
If you are unable to make it to live training, please watch your grade level webinar. This is a
good overview of all the lessons and the website. (Click on Video Webinars from the link.)





You will be leading and/or assisting with art lessons during your child’s 50 minute STEAM lab. Please allow 20-30 minutes beforehand to set-up and at least 15 minutes afterwards to clean-up.


Room 9. Class is in session Monday through Friday, all day. Therefore, when you set-up and/or clean-up, you will be overlapping with someone else’s class. Please be respectful of their class time and try not to be too disruptive.


Please discuss with your child’s teacher the exact days and times for art. Lessons
will be approximately once a month, but scheduling is flexible.